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Query Studio

Query Studio for Salesforce Marketing cloud is one the most useful feature for Devlopers or Admins.

What is this Query Studio?

This is a Free third party AppExchange application which works almost same as Workbench in Salesforce. This can be installed,Licensed and Used like all other Apps is SFMC.

Link for App :

What is the Use of this Studio?

Usually in SFMC it is very difficult query data manually, We always need a Source and Destination Dataextensions to query the data and there is no process for data validations.

But this tool is flexible to run the standalone queries for validations and real time operations.

How can we work on it?

Step 1. After the installation and setup is done, You can view the studio under the Appexchange tab as shown in the Image.

Step 2: When you click that studio it will take you to the Query Studio Editor page. Which you can use it as workspace for queries.

Step 3: You 'Run' all your queries in the workspace and can see the results below,

Also by clicking the 'Export in Contact Builder' will redirect you to Data location in Contact builder. You can also see the Execution time which can help in Limit settings while working with large Datasets.

Step 4: 'Query' space is where you can type the query name and can fetch the exiting Query Activity in the system. We can modify and test it without hampering the data.'Save As' will save it as a new Query activity.

Step 5: 'Data Extension' space is to fetch the Target dataextenions if we have a plan to store.

We can also Validate the data into Target DE by clicking 'Validate Data'. This will show any errors if it has anything as shown below.

Step 6: We can also check the possibility of 'Overwrite', 'Update' and 'Append' by selecting the Data Actions and also can save the results as shown below.

Step 7: All the queried data will Automatically save as query results in DataExtenions as shown below:

Any Disadvantages?

1 .Security concerns for data exposure.

2. Multiple dataextenions will be created for each and every query result.

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