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Journey Builder Custom Activity

This is a template for a basic Journey Builder activity using Heroku.

Please find the Git :

Follow the step by step process to reach our goal.

Configure web server :

This guide covers Heroku,

1. Fork and Clone this repository

2. Login into Heroku

3. Click on New > Create new app

4. Give a name to the app and click on "Create App"

5. Choose your preferred Deployment method (Github or Heroku Cli are nice to work with)

6. Click on "Deploy branch"

7. Once your branch is deployed, click on the "View" button and verify you see the welcome message

Configure your package in Marketing Cloud:

1. Login to Marketing Cloud and Navigate to Administration > Account > Installed Packages

2. Click on New and enter a name and a description for your package

3. Copy the JWT Secret value from the Summary page and save it for later

4. Click on Add Component, select Journey Builder Activity and Click next

5. Enter the information about the activity, enter [url of your activity] as your Endpoint URL

6. Click Save

7. Copy the Unique Key value from the Journey Builder Activity panel and save it for later

Configure Activity:

1. Open /public/config.json and:

Replace application_key_from_appcenter_here for the value you got from step 7 from the previous section

Replace [your-domain-here] with the domain for your website

2. Open /public/images and replace with the icons for the activity to your liking

Add Heroku vars

1.Log back into Heroku and navigate to your app

2. Click on "Settings"

3. Click on "Reveal config vars"

4. Add a new var called jwt Secret and paste the App Signature you got from step 3 when configuring your package in Marketing Cloud

Testing your Activity

1.Login into Marketing Cloud and navigate to Journey Builder

2. You should be able to see your custom activity and drag it into the canvas!

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