• Vindhya Rani

Customise Birthday email sends based on Timezones through Automation Studio.

Can we send emails from SFMC exactly at 12:00AM across all the time zones of the world?

Ideally there is an Automation which does it, but we might need to create multiple Automations according to their time zones to achieve it.

As per our current process we can make it through one Single Automation for entire world including all the states of USA.


Step 1: Create a Birthday email template and make it ready to send.

Step 2: Create two Data Extensions :

1.CustomerDE (This will have the Customer information along with Date of Birth)

2.TimeZoneSelectorDE(This DE needs to be created an can be loaded from the CSV file in below link.


Step 3: Create an Automation through Automation Studio and Schedule it as shown below, This will run the Automation every one hour by selecting the only qualified Audiences.

Step 4: You should build only two activities to achieve this:

1. SQL Query : Follow the below query in Query Activity

2. Send Email: Select message-->Define Properties-->

Select Audience-->Configure Delivery-->Activity Summary and Done

Step 5: Activate and run the Automation.Done!!

Your Audiences should receive Birthday emails exactly by 12:00 AM across the world.

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