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Automated Email Service from GetFeedback Vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud,

Getfeedback tool over Salesforce Marketing Cloud


What is GetFeedback tool ?

This is online tool which sends and tracks the Audience Interactions only in terms of Surveys. It could be any kind of Survey such as the type Multiple Choice,Slider Bar,Rank question etc..

Types of Surveys


When do we need GetFeedback tool?

We need this tool only to capture customers interests,Feedbacks,Opinions etc.. for eg In Salesforce if a Case is closed, It could be very important to know the customer's feedback.


How do we use GetFeedback tool?

This tool can be used directly to send Surveys or it can be integrated with any other supportable systems(such as Salesforce).Using this tool we can easily and quickly create the Surveys by drag and drop functionalities or we can develop through HTML .

Also we can utilize the inbuilt features for design. By default it is compatible with all the kinds devices such as desktop,Mobile etc.


Can this tool be used along with Salesforce? If so How?

Yes, This tool has a inbuilt connector supportable with Salesforce.

It can be implemented by just creating a Survey and you just need to connect to the Salesforce Org through connector and just map the fields from Getfeedback tool to Salesforce.


How does GetFeedback tool works with Salesforce?

Step 1: You need to create a survey in GetFeedback tool.

Step 2: You need to Select and Map the fields accordingly a Salesforce, It could be any Object like 'Case'.

Step 3: So to start the process the created survey will have a link which we might need to paste in Visualforce Email templates.

Step 4: Using Outbound messaging fire the workflow and to send the message to GetFeedback tool, From there it will send the email Survey.

Step 5: Any Survey information sent from the Customer will be recorded in GetFeedback.

Step 6: Getfeedback also has a capability to send the survey information back to Salesforce, So that we can store the data in any of SF object and can be used accordingly.

Step 7: It will also record the Delivered,Opened,Bounced and Unsubscribed information of emails. Any unsubscribed contact will not receive any email for that Survey from GetFeedback.

Step 8: As per the latest update GetFeedback can also send reminders to the customers based on their responses.

Step 9 : GetFeedback tool also supports Live agent in Salesforce. We can capture customer's surveys through chat window of Salesforce .

Step 10: Apart from Salesforce, GetFeedback tool also supports other Marketing Cloud tools as shown in below figure.

Limits and Price:

Need to discuss with Getfeedback support team.

Can the features of GetFeedback tool built through SFMC?

It is very much possible to build the same features of GetFeedback through SFMC in a better and efficient way


You just need to design Cloudpage for each of the survey,embed the page in email,

Send it across based on the 'Triggered Email' or 'Journey Builder'. All the customer responses can be captured back in Data extensions of SFMC and can send into other systems for tracking or Reporting or If any customised Dashboards.


Getfeedback is lightweight tool which can only be used to Capture the customer feedback information. As a quick and easy option we can go for it. whereas Marketing Cloud is a tool where we can customize the same functionality in better and bigger way with a effort of Development and Design.

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