Unsubscribe information of an Email.

Basically there are 3 types of Unsubscribes: 1. Global Unsubscribe: Onclick of this will send an email to Exacttarget, Then SFMC with store the senders email and will not let any emails go to him from SFMC. (Email:abuse@exacttarget.com ). 2. Master Unsubscribe: Onclick of this will never subscribers receive any emails from the Account as it is marked as Unsubscribed in all ‘Publication lists’. 3. List Unsubscribe: This will mark as ‘Unsubscribed’ to only that particular list.

Journey Builder Custom Activity

This is a template for a basic Journey Builder activity using Heroku. Please find the Git : https://github.com/bhanuatsfdc/SFMC Follow the step by step process to reach our goal. Configure web server : This guide covers Heroku, 1. Fork and Clone this repository 2. Login into Heroku 3. Click on New > Create new app 4. Give a name to the app and click on "Create App" 5. Choose your preferred Deployment method (Github or Heroku Cli are nice to work with) 6. Click on "Deploy bran